Lunch menu
Mushroom soup with egg and dill35 CZK
1) Kung Pao Chicken with Jasmine Rice150 CZK
2) Cous-Cous with vegetables, feta cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes165 CZK
3) Fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce175 CZK
4) Salad with smoked trout, apples and peas, dill vinaigrette, herb baguette185 CZK

Restaurant Brno


restaurant, pub and music club Brno

We decided to open a new restaurant for you at an unusual location. 

A restaurant that will remind us of the old days when Brno used to be a metropolis  of the textile industry, so much that people called it the Moravian Manchester.

Those were the times when all traders from all over Europe travelled to Brno, and with them they brought recipes from their own homelands.

We do not want to burden you with complicated names of dishes. That is why on our menu, you will find foods from Czech as well as international cuisine  that you will understand, but most importantly, that you will enjoy. 

Because the only thing that is old in our restaurant, is the first word in the name STARÁ TKALCOVNA.


News and Events

There is always room for improvement.

Therefore we value your opinions, observations, suggestions and ideas about improving our services. We look forward to your next visit.

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Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 7-22


tel.: +420 515 555 515

Manager: Jakub Kracík

mobil: +420 725 657 399